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CISO Dojo Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Alex Tarter joins us on the podcast to discuss attack surface management and threat intelligence.

Alex is one of the founding members of TurgenSec which has recently had an interesting string of responsible disclosures related to:

  • Virgin Media
  • The Gates Foundation Charity
  • 190+ Law Firms
  • The Philippines...

Jun 14, 2021

Part 3: Action items and actionable information; Give insights into how to support marginalized people and adopt better hiring practices. 


Jun 7, 2021

Chad Kliewer, CISO of Pioneer Telephone shares his journey in information security where he overcame nearly insurmountable challenges. 

Chad has faced broad use of credential sharing, placing the mouse on the monitor, because this is how it's supposed to work right? Chad has survived Sox audits and even the...

Jun 5, 2021

The White House just release a special document to the private sector about responsibility and steps to prevent ransomware.

Quoting directly from the document:

Companies that view ransomware as a threat to their core business operations rather than a simple risk of data theft will react and recover more effectively.